MASAI MARA Closing September 30th

Princess of the Serengeti

This may be your final warning to run over and get these designs from some of Second Life’s most amazing designers at Masai Mara: The Solidarity Store, many which are exclusive to this event! It is rare that so many ethinicallly and geographically selective items are available in one spot so better grab now before they go poof tomorrow at midnight. So many have sung you the praises of this charity and the orphaned children it will help. So…. i will only gently remind you that you will be helping those who have so little and you will look fabulous in the process of doing so.

Princess of the Serengeti

Sequoia has chosen the brilliant colours of the Serengeti outfit and turban by Tres Beau to close out her african continental experience. The mesh harmem pants have a wonderful hip hugging fit and the disc hoop earrings and bracelet set is a spot on match to the flow of vivid hues and patterns of the turban to the top to the pants bringing a beautiful balance and exposure of skin. What a delicious way to show off the exclusive skin Delirio from Yoa Divine Spell.

Princess of the Serengeti

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Serengeti outfit and turban by Tres Beau – NEW for Masai Mara: The Solidarity Store
Jewelry – Serengeti jewelry set from Tres Beau – NEW for Masai Mara: The Solidarity Store
Skin – brown (Clevage) Delirio by **Yoa Divine Spell** – NEW/EXCLUSIVE for Masai Mara: The Solidarity StoreHair – Riley – mahogany by TRUTH hair
Nails – Painter by Finesmith
Shoes – Ilaida Mojri (red) by Zaara
Lighting by LumiPro
Poses by Body Talking

Arusha at Masai Mara

KymSara has gone a different route returning to that which is familiar, showing off how well the cocktail dress Arusha, an EXCLUSIVE from Tres Beau at Masai Mara, can bring a wild flair back to our western evening wear. What a pity this dress will not be available beyond tomorrow. Even more the reason to rush over and include it in your Tres Beau collection before it goes back to Kimmera’s closet for good. Kym ever the world traveler added Tosy Xue’s Bamboo Ensemble from WTG showing off her love of picking up the rarest beautiful items she can mix and match.

Arusha at Masai Mara

Model & Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Arusha – EXCLUSIVE by Tres Beau for Masai Mara
Jewelry – Bamboo Ensemble – NEW from WTG Jewelry
Nails Dark Zone by WTG Jewelry
Hair – Later by Elikatera
Skin – Alva by LAQ
Shoes – Cassandra by SLink
Lighting by LumiPro


Fiercely Regal is the Jaguar

Monarch of all she surveys

Starline Igeria’s MASAI MARA: The Solidarity Store has some exciting surprises to share, all with the specific purpose of benefiting children of Kenya. All benefits from the store go to the KIBERA YOUTH INITIATIVE – MAMA TUNZA PROJECT which provides a home for about 200 children, most of whom are orphans of HIV/AIDS or come from single parent homes.

Monarch of all She Surveys

Many of SL’s finest designers have responded to this challenge with both generosity and creative vision. Kimmera Madison Fall of Tres Beau has created an exclusive gown named Jaguar, for this event, which is truly worthy of African Monarchy. Drawing influence from the feline grace of the jaguar and the traditional wrap lines of formal African regional attire, this gown is both fierce and alurring in its use of fabrics and animal prints.

Monarch of all she surveys

Sleek lines and detailed stictching embrace the shared world order of the preditory cat, as rosettes of the Jaguar are set against spots of the Leopard, it’s African cousin. The gown is appropriately named Jaguar, although a South American cat, the jaguar is a common symbol of strength and power much as the leopard. There is a spiritual connection between them and thus a continental and universal appeal that will fill you with a sense of control of all you survey. The jaguar is one of the rarest cats and so is the gown and you must not let it slip through your fingers. The “Jaguar” from Tres Beau is an exclusive only at MASAI MARA: The Solidarity Store so you might want to snare it before it becomes extinct.

Monarch of all she surveys

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Jaguar from Tres Beau – NEW/EXCLUSIVE for MASAI MARA: The Solidarity Store
Jewelry – **Lion the F-g** [MESH] Cuffs and ring by +:+WTG+:+
– Kenya Elephant Necklace & Earrings by TST (Twos Sisters Treasures) – NEW to MASAI MARA: The Solidarity Store
Nails – Takara Nail/Gold by [MANDALA]
Skin – LAQ
Poses by Morgane Batista Poses Shop

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Teal

Out of the Mists (close)

Another week in Luna’s Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge took a little longer in the search for just the right Teal, but was a wonderful distraction from the late winter blahs. The perfect teal turned my thoughts to Caribbean waves caressing the warm white sands and tropical flora surrounding me. To my delight i found the perfect fit to my daydream at Tres Beau! Kimmera Madison’s Maali would be stunning in any color but, took my breath away in the soft shimmering teal. A floral pattern woven into oceans of fabric this gown Maali is swimmingly divine.

Part of the fun of this was experimenting with different makeups. So many available options and with the right viewer you can continue to add lashes eyeliners, eyeshadows, hairbases, lipsticks in tatoo layers. The perfect match to my look in Teal was from one of the first to experiment in this and still one of the absolute best LovelyMiwako7399 Menna. Le Bleu Simplicite by Lovely Mi Make-ups was the perfect shade and cover i was looking for. The Labrodite and Moonstone stones of the Zahra set from Earthstones Jewelry added some flair and contrast to the theme. And finally I choose Tabata Jewell’s gorgeous new hair BLUSH vainille, available at Vanity Hair, seeing it as the perfect crown to this study in teal. The Maali dress is such a dream! So much so, it inspired Kym to paint me into the ethereal surroundings of coming out of the mists. ~seq

Out of the Mists

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Maali gown by Tres Beau
Hair – Blush vainille by Vanity Hair
Jewelry – Zahra Earrings – Labradorite/Moonstone by Earthstones Jewelry
Poses – Body Talking

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Taupe

52 Week Color Challenge - Taupe (close)

Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge for this week was indeed a challenge. So maybe i should start with the accessories this week. Seq introduced me to WTG by tosy Xue this week, I am so enjoying discovering his jewelry designs, so much so that I selected the elegant choker set from his Papillon collection. The choice of hair was also easy adding the Dax from PurpleMoon fit perfectly to the flow. All of it became easy once i managed to settle on something Taupe. It seems that Taupe is definitely in the eye of the beholder! The posts to Luna this week have drawn quite a spectrum of tones. Even a quick search of my own inventory resulted in a myriad of reasonable variations of the grey-brown color. But, since nothing in there really inspired me, it was time once again to go exploring (clever euphemism for “SHOPPING!”)

52 Week Color Challenge - Taupe

Like most my expeditions (sic), lo and behold i found something perfect! Tres Beau’s Phe gown, designed from the sheerest of silk, creates the most delicate Taupe tones in even the softest light. And, it seems especially well suited for those special softly lit occasions! The deeper brownish tone of the patterned sheer panels of the skirt and soft cowl are accented with subtle grey hues of the opaque skirt panels creating a balance of form and curve throughout the true taupe swirl. The Boogie Nights strappy heels, from Norman Maroon of FM Shoes, are a super match to the contrasting pattern lines of the gown and look comfortable enough to keep you dancing all night long bathed in the soft glow radiating from your true loves face.~kym

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Phe Gown by Tres Beau
Hair – Dax by PurpleMoon
Skin – Tanya by Tuli
Jewelry – Papillon by WTG
Shoes – Boogie Nights by FM Shoes
Poses – Body Talking

A Crisp Design for Crisp Weather!

Client - Sequoia Nightfire

Ivalde designs always offer just the right special touch and this fabulous plaid outfit from the L`Abel collection is no exception. The crisp tailoring of Neferia Abel’s Karola suit is the perfect compliment to our crisp winter weather. The tiered, scallop hemmed skirt is a nice feminine flair and softly catches those winter winds! I am ready to face those winds with my Prestige boots from Bax and smart wool “Tailored” Fedora from Tres Beau.

Client - Sequoia Nightfire (close)

The bold fabric pattern of this new gray and black plaid suit inspired me to design a new set of jewelry. The Precious Silver/Onyx necklace and earrings seen here, feature natural onyx stones set in deco polished patterned silver settings. The set also includes a bracelet. The Precious set is available now until January 10th for 50% off at Aurora Borealis Jewelry (ABJ). Don’t forget L`Abel 50%-75% off sale runs through January 9th where you can pick up this Karola outfit also at a discount.

Aurora Borealis Jewelry


Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Clothes – Karola from L`Abel
Jewelry – Precious Silver/Onyx set by Aurora Borealis Jewelry (ABJ)
Hat – Tailored from Tres Beau
Boots – Prestige by Bax Boots
Skin – Tasha from LAQ

Holidays Around the World by NightMagic (Part 2 – Intrigue of India)

NightMagic Productions presented “Holidays Around the World”, a concept show which brought together the fashion vision of some of SL’s greatest international designers, and premiered to a resounding cheer from the SL fashion community. In this second installment, titled “Intrigue in India”, i offer another example of the diversity of fashion which was showcased in NightMagic’s runway extravaganza.

Seqouia in India - Close

The traditional costumes of India always feature the most exquisite and colorful silks and patterns. The NEMI gown, designed by Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau, captures the essence of this tradition with a stunning design appropriate for any modern formal occasion. The bindi-style jewelry accents of the NEMI jewelry set also from Tres Beau and the incredible chocolate Feather hair design from Tukinowaguma complete the look of a Rajasthani princess.

Seqouia in India

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Clothes and jewelry – Nemi from Tres Beau
Skin – Tasha by LAQ
Hair – Feather Chocolate by Tukinowaguma

Tres Beau London

Tres Beau London - Composite

Fall is my favorite season and what better way to celebrate it than shopping for some fabulous new looks. Perhaps something special, to ward off the chill when the air begins to have a bit of a nip to it.. Kimmera Madison is showing some delightful falll separates at Tres Beau. Among them is her London outfit which includes a darling little black dress, but more significantly, this amazing plaid jacket! In addition to the crisply tailored jacket itself, which has many versatile options, the ensemble features an absolutely wonderful waist length cape. Whether you are out for a walk in the country in the first snow, or you are heading to the city for some holiday shopping and lunch with friends you’ll find this outfit to be perfect for the season! ~ kym

Photographer/Model – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – “London” by Tres Beau
Skin – Julie by LAQ
Hair – Adena by Amicci
Jewelry – Half Hoops by Second Mirage
Shoes – Jane by Tesla
Poses – Body Talking