Paris Metro: Relay for Life

Relay for Life Gown - Sea Star by Paris Metro

What a fantastic weekend past with all the music and the emotion and walking of the track, Relay for Life was a tremendous success! The weekend before that saw the UNITED STYLE CARD FASHION SHOW, a RFL event inspired and managed by Prissy Price, take to the runway with music and fabulous styling competition of which Paris Metro was a part. Rose’s (RFB Morpork) Paris Metro contribution to this extravaganza was a spectacular gown called Sea Star Ruby. The good news is even if you if you missed the events you have not missed your opportunity to contribute to cancer research through the Relay for Life! Many of the Relay for Life exclusive items will still be out for sale across the grid until August 31st, including this gorgeous gown for only 200 lindens, a fraction of what Rose normally charges with ALL proceeds going to the RFL.

Relay for Life Gown - Sea Star by Paris Metro

Seeing just how elegant this off the shoulder gown was, it seemed a perfect opportunity to “toss in some Tosy”. Meaning, the NEW Myth Ensemble from WTG and the mind of Tosy Xue, a most glamorous gold filigree jewelry and nail set.

We encourage you to continue to share in the “Season of Hope” and contribute where you are able and pick up the fabulous RFL designs donated by these generous content creators. The Sea Star Ruby Gown can be found in the main store by clicking on this hyperlink Paris Metro for RFL. Go Relay!!!

It's a Myth!

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Sea Star Ruby Gown by Paris Metro for RFL
Jewelry – Myth Ensemble – NEW from WTG
Hair – Fanny by Amacci
Skin – Molly by LAQ
Poses – Body Talking


Joan is Fashionably Late!

Joan is Fashionably Late!

Joan has definitely chosen well to be Fashionably Late… Keira Seerose of Chic Management has recently opened a new sim where she is hosting a NEW weekly event called Fashionably Late. The event highlights guest designers who will offer NEW and EXCLUSIVE items at the Fashionably Late venue for one week. Participant designers may offer these special items in their stores after the event but they will go to full retail price, so the savvy fashionista will want to visit Fashionably Late each week to pick up the specially priced items. This week Joan from Ivalde is avalable for only 99 lindens as part of the Fashionably Late event.

Joan is Fashionably Late!

Neferia Abel has created a very special brocade pattern just for Fashionably Late. Joan is one of my personal favorite dresses, and this edition is no exception. Joan, while retaining that vintage feel is perfectly current for that unique dressy look, featuring a trim bolero jacket and custom pleated to form skirt. I wanted to have a contemporary up-to-date look so i went with brand new Serenity Heels from Purrfect 10, Tosy Xue’s Kaleidoscope earrings and bracelet from WTG, and JeSuis Naive nails in silver. Keeping with the modern and realistic theme, i chose Caitrin style hair from Exile. The NEW line of Roots Hair Styles have created quite a bit of excitement and i am definitely a fan. As the name suggests, they feature a shaded option in contrasting color for an amazingly realistic appearance. Of course if you are not inclined to show your roots, you can choose the main color

Joan is Fashionably Late!

The designs and invited designers at Fashionably Late will change each week, beginning at 4pm SLT on Sunday and will close on the following Sunday at approximately 9am SLT. TP to the Fashionably Late weekly event HERE

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Joan Dress by Ivalde for Fashionably Late
Jewelry – Kaleidoscope collection by WTG
Hair – Caitrin Roots by Exile
Shoes – Serenity Heels by Purrfect 10
Skin – Molly by LAQ
Nails – Je::Suis Naive
Poses – Glitterati

Paisley Days of Summer

Warm Paisley Kisses

Hearing about a 66% off sale is usually enough to get my attention, but this sale is way beyond the exceptional…Paris Metro has another summer hit with the gorgeous Paisley Kisses Gown just released and at special sale price until 12:01 AM SLT Tuesday. Rose (RFB Morpork), the designer of these fabulous gowns, had this vision when she created them…

Like the summer breeze,
these gowns make you feel
as though the trade winds
have carried you to him far away.

Cool Paisley Kisses!

Anyone of these new airy designs from Paris Metro, pictured top to bottom, is sure to please. The Paisley Kisses Gown is available in three appropriately summer color blends…Warm, like the sunshine and passion you will feel wearing it, Cool, like the breezes that refresh and invigorate and Leaf , green and full of life as the rustling leaves that give the feeling of peace and harmony.

Leaf Paisley Kisses

You will be delighted how you feel as the soft gown swirls about you, whether on a hand held moonlight stroll, tripping the light fantastic across a dance floor in the arms of an adoring partner or feeling the warm summer breeze tickling your ankles while you dine. You will certainly appreciate the delicate intricacies of the design and how well the Finesmith Delicate Earrings and Bracelet and the Gentle necklace from the Rissa Collection, worn by KymSara in this close-up, are the perfect complement to this paisley perfection.

Cool Paisley Kisses!

Style Card

Models – Sequoia Nightfire & KymSara Rayna
Photographer -KymSara Rayna

Sequoia Nightfire
Wearing – Paisley Kisses Warm and Paisley Kisses Leaf- NEW on-sale at Paris Metro Main Store
Hair [Warm]- Nada HairStyle/Blondy by CaTwA
Hair [Leaf]- Zoe – Copper by Maitreya

KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Cool Paisley Kisses- NEW on-sale at Paris Metro Main Store
Jewelry – Gentle Necklace, Delicate Earrings & Bracelet from RISSA Collection at Finesmith
Hair – Ashlee by Damselfly

Three for the Red, White and Blue!!!!

A Red, White & Blue Kinda Day!

Three Cheers to the Good Ole US of A !!!! And three of us to offer you a fabulous Happy Independence Day! Notions of Style hopes you will have a happy 4th of July no matter your country of origin. Please join us in celebrating the principle of how the 4th of July came to be our national day of Independence. How wise were our nation’s founders, who made law the opportunity to express ourselves and to assemble to do so? I think it is safe to say without those guarantees our Second Life would not exist. Let Freedom Ring!!!!

A Red, White & Blue Kinda Day Up Close!

Models (left to right) – Baccara Rhodes, Sequoia Nightfire & KymSara Rayna
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Betsy Sailor Suit from 1940 Collection at Ivalde
Jewelry – Nautilus Earrings [Preview] by Aurora Borealis
Hair – Pin Up by Vanity Hair

Fuego y Salsa!

Fuego y Salsa!

Pardon me if i seem impertenent using Spanish for the title of my post today. “Fire and Salsa!” seemed a little tame and the Carnation Salsa gown from Paris Metro is anything but tame! Upon seeing it for the first time i thought this is one virtual blaze of passion! The vibrant colors and waves of flame create a conflagration with your every movement. Run, don’t walk, burn a path to Paris Metro at FOUR SEASONS PLAZA right NOW! There is a special introductory 66% off sale price, but the Carnation Salsa Gown will go to full price after Sunday July 3rd. Wearing this gown is an almost certain guarantee to ignite a few sparks in your flame and my oh my what a way to create some fireworks!

You know i love accessories and love this new set i am previewing from Aurora Borealis. This fascinating set called Fire is part of the Elemental Series available soon in stores. The Fire earrings and necklace have a flickering flame captured in the in the jewel! Finesmith’s most awesome Rave nails, and Cybergirl bracelets added a fabulous finish. But the final touch came from Kara Goodliffe who sent her Hair Fair demo pack from Me., arriving just in time to include the sensationally sensual Elizabeth hair.

Fuego y Salsa!

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Carnation Salsa Gown NEW from Paris Metro at Four Seasons Plaza
Earrings & Necklace – Elemental Fire! [Preview of Elemental Set Series] by Aurora Borealis
Cybergirl Bracelets and Rave Nails by Finesmith
Hair – Elizabeth NEW for Hair Fair by Me. at the Hair Fair
Skin – Julie by LAQ
Poses – Diesel Works

Magic of Meiling at SL8B

A Wind Song in my heart

If you have been putting off your visit to SL8B perhaps you had better do it today, the gates close at 11:59 pm slt July 2nd. A good place to start would be at the Meiling exhibit. Below is the press release outlining the event. I offer you my own stylings of the Windsong dress which is shown in the RL creation process and available for sale at the exhibit and in the Meiling store.

A Wind Song in my heart

Iconic RL fashion designer Meiling based in Trinidad launched her brand in SL (in collaboration with BOSL) on May 1 this year. Her entry has been likened to a stone sending ripples throughout a pond as the SL replicas are astoundingly realistic and sometimes even better than the real thing!
The Magic Of Meiling at SL8B takes the visitor through the creation process of an outfit in her latest collection which just premiered at Caribbean Fashion Week 2011.
We not only see photographs of the outfit made in RL and a fitting with a RL model, but also the parallel production in SL of the Meiling Couturier avatar creating and preparing the prims. It is an exhibition which reveals the magic behind the creative genius of the RL designs and the superb technical execution of the SL renditions. Please visit this rare glimpse into a fashion designer’s RL and SL atelier.

Visit the SL8B Meiling Exhibit click here

A Wind Song in my heart

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – M – Windsong Dress with cowl and hood from SL8B Meiling Exhibit
Shoes – Cassandra Heels Mushroom from SLink
Poses – Diesel Works