Live at the Cotton Club

Live! at the Cotton Club!

One of the fun things about our SL adventure is being able to enjoy the various decades of the past as they are rebirthed in the many wonderful sim designs we have to explore. One of my very favorites is Old Harlem, which captures the rhythm and feel of the jazz era of the twenties so very well. And certainly while exploring there we want to enjoy the wonderful fashions of the period. So off to Ivalde, where we will always find the finest in historical fashion! And, while the choices of many delightful dresses from the Roaring Twenties make the decision difficult, the new Alvilda seemed just right for this visit. Just across the lake from Ivalde, I found Sequoia’s wonderful long Serenity knotted pearls at Aurora Borealis Jewelry (ABJ). Almost ready – ahh yes, the Ribbon Slingbacks from Evoke are the perfect shoes to dance the night away at the Cotton Club. ~ Kym


Tiramisu on the ROC ?

Tiramisu on the Rocks

It takes the creativity and elegance of Ranena Olivier to get Kym to wear pants! The sensation tweed high-waisted pants combined with the daring soft ruffled blouse of her Tiramisu confection from ROC was just too delightful to pass up! (Sort of like its namesake dessert!) The excellent fit and detail is typical of Ranena’s fine designs. This fun look will definitely reappear in the fall as well! ~ Kym

Poppies in Pastels

Poppies in pastels

Surely one of the most delightful harbingers of spring is a fresh field of daisies swaying softly in the warm breeze. Neferia Abel has capture this gentle theme in her Saffia dress from Ivalde, recently released from her 1970’s Collection. Fresh as a daisy, and available in a spectrum of soft spring colors, the little dress draws on the heritage of the seventies while holding a thoroughly modern style. It’s a must for your spring and summer wardrobe! ~ Kym