PurpleMoon at World’s End

Purple Moon at World's End Garden

Poulet K’s recent Floral Dress release at Purple Moon could possibly be the most perfect summer addition to your wardrobe. The Floral Dress has three optional skirt variations including a daring utra-mini with a unique floral hem, a lovely lace trimmed mini, and a frothy Empire-waisted tunic style. Such versatility! you can tuck this flexible ensemble into your travel bag and be ready for any spur of the moment special event. The most difficult thing is choosing a particular color to wear from Poulet’s full selection of lovely florals.

Purple Moon at World's End Garden

I thought the Etnia Bangles from Purple Moon were very well suited to the B&W theme and i am always pleased with any opportunity to add my favorite two-tone spectator pumps — The FeliciaStilettos from SLink. Of course by now you almost come to expect a Kym styling to include a special hat.

Pensive - A Linden for her thoughts . . .

I found the Sabrina from Couture Chapeau to be just right. Chigadee London’s collection of incredible hats always offers a tempting style. The Sabrina, which i especially love for summer, has a menu-driven color change sash band to match most every outfit.

Purple Moon at World's End Garden

Last but definitely not least – Yula Finesmith has just release d a line of SOLID color nails ! We have enjoyed her amazing decorated nails for some time and now these are perfect for everyday, as well as dress up occasions. Yula has a 50% moving sale for many of her items now until she opens her new Finesmith location in the next few days. It was such fun to put this ensemble together, my first pick of the Floral Dresses was the crisp black and white but, after spending the afternoon shooting this one, it is quite likely i will head back to Purple Moon for more.

Purple Moon at World's End Garden

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Floral Dress – NEW from PurpleMoon
Hair – Kym by Damselfly
Hat – Sabrina by Couture Chapeau
Skin – Emma by Tuli
Nails – Solid – NEW from Finesmith
Earrings – Catch a Falling Star by Balderdash
Bracelet – Etnia Bangles by PurpleMoon
Shoes- Felicia Capped Stilettos by SLink
Poses by Body Talking
On Location at World’s End Garden


The Vintage Advantage

Hello Dolly!

Neferia Abel, designer of Ivalde Vintage Fashion and L`Abel has such incredible designs inspired by her personal research of fashion photography, magazines & films, patterns and fabrics from nearly every fashion era since the birth of Haute Couture. There has been a flow exquisite pieces from several historic periods in fashion history since the Ivalde sim was rebuilt to reflect the comfortable surroundings of her native Norway, and we are delighted to share some of these fabulous designs with you. Let us take you now on a journey from Disco to Go-Go.

Hello Dolly!

First up on our itinerary Sequoia is wearing a lovely silk dress that is already destined to become a season favorite for 2011. The Dolly dress is inspired by the shimmery glam disco dresses of the eighties with a timeless attractiveness that will keep it in the spotlight well into the future. This figure hugging gown communicates a sexy sublime elegance, with only the minimal need for further accessoriies.

Ivalde Toril

The Toril Pantsuit from the 70 decade, is a unique period design that can be dressed up or down, depending on your mood and the occasion. Sequoia has chosen a more alluringly sophisticated approach, coming in hot, hot, hot coiffed in her fiery copper Maryam hair from CaTwA and her scorching SEDUCTION XtremeHeel “Galaxy” sandal heels from N-Core.

Ivalde Toril

One of Ivalde’s all-time favorite suits, the Joan, inspired by stlized office wear of the eighties, is back again with a fresh update.

Joan, from the 80's (close)

KymSare looks thoroughly professional, and the Joan has just the look for that interview, or presentation or dinner with someone special. the cropped jacket , contrasting bow and matching wide waist band are indeed reminicent of the 80’s while presenting a sharp fashionable appearance for today’s professional woman.

Joan, from the 80's

And finally, we can say for certain when you shop Ivalde you will see Nef has covered all the dance floor options! From the 60’s we complete our Disco to Go-Go tour with KymSara in the kicky little Gemma dress ! Pull those skin tight white boots out of storage and find those contrasting shades and you are good to Go-Go!

Gemma-a-go-go (2)

Style Cards

*All photography by KymSara Rayna

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
THE 80’s
Wearing – Dolly from the Ivalde 1980 Collection
Shoes – Xandri Disco silver shoes by SHINE
Skin – LAQ
Poses – Body Talking

THE 70’s
Wearing – Toril Pant-suit from the Ivalde 1970 Collection
Shoes – SEDUCTION XtremeHeel “Galaxy” by N-Core
Hair – Maryam Hair from CaTwA
Nails – Takara Nail/Gold from MANDALA
Skin – LAQ
Poses – Body Talking

Model – KymSara Rayna
THE 80’s
Wearing – Joan Suit from the Ivalde 1980 Collection
Skin – Emma Sunkissed by Tuli
Jewelry – Clara Tahitian Black Pearl Earrings from Aurora Borealis
Poses – Mirone

THE 60’s
Wearing – Gemma Dress from the Ivalde 1960 Collection
Hair – #132 by W&Y Hair
Skin – Emma Sunkissed by Tuli
Earrings by Gems & Kisses
Sunglassees – Butterfly by GOS
Boots – Tall Patent by Stiletto Moody
Poses – Diesel Works

Coveting Pixels

Silk and Silver Leaves

Coveting pixel outfits may seem a bit out there, but when you wear business wear as i do in my RL circumstance you might even become envious of your avatar when you come across certain outfits. Among Swaffette Firefly’s latest releases from SF Designs, the Rizzo silk blouse and Leather skirt separates really caught my attention. Swaffette, in my humble opinion, is one of the select group of SL designers who is simply superb in bringing desirable and current RL designs to SL. Her styles are exciting, her workmanship flawless and she always includes options to make the fit and look personal.

Silk and Silver Leaves

The Rizzo Blouse, for example, includes both regular and “discrete” variations, as well as integrated and separate collar and ruffle attachements to enable all the fine adjustments for a perfect fit. The menu adjustable skirt and finely tooled belt, with exquisite detail and silver buckles, also reflects her customer care. Like many SF Designs outfits there are additional options in each set; she has thoughtfully included a mini-mini version of the leather skirt! I found my NEW Marina boots from SLink to be a perfect match and i loved the way the streaks of my blond Nanase hair by Hal*Hina were drawn out by the color of the blouse. This is an ensemble i will wear a LOT and hope some RL designer will be inspired to recreate.

Silk and Silver Leaves

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Rizzo Silk Blouse and Leather Skirt by SF Designs
Hair – Nanase by Hal*Hina
Skin – Emma by Tuli
Boots – Marina by SLinK
Poses – Body Talking

Country Chic: Florals

Country Chic - Summer Pantsuit - NEW! from L`Abel

The excitement continues at Ivalde and L`Abel as the word of the special new L`Abel Country Chic Summer Collection splashes on the fashion scene like a beautiful sun shower offering refreshment for the body and soul. Cool comfortable lace, ruffles and florals are the order of the day this summer fashion season. We have already highlighted a some of the lace frosted and hemmed confections of this collection, now let’s have a look at two of the delightful florals.

Counrtry Country Chic - Summer Pantsuit - NEW! from L`Abel

Seq predictably grabbed the Summer Pantsuit in seagreen floral print and is stunning and at ease in the knee length loose-fitting pants and layered strapless top. The picture hardly does justice to any of the Country Chic Collection you must see the impeccable detail to really appreciate ! Tosy Xue really seems to be on a roll creatively as his nails most often are the manicure of choice, this time Seq is wearing the Magna Mater in platinum from WTG. Ever alert to spot a special exquisitely made jewelry design, Sequoia also discovered a wonderful bracelet called Friendo at The Hive when she was buzzing the grid. Of course she bought the necklace too but will save that for another time 🙂

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Summer Pantsuit in SeaGreen- NEW! from L`Abel
Skin – Najeenda Pale from Deesse’s Skins
Hair – Sara Hair – Wheat from CaTwA
Jewelry – Friendo bracelet from The Hive
Nails – Magna Mater platinum by WTG
Shoes – SLink Jolie Pied Achillia Gladiator Silver from SLink
Poses – Glitterati

Moonlight becomes her . . .

As you may have already guessed, when it comes to florals Kym would seek the sweetest and loveliest flowing full skirted dress. Savanna features all the summery hues of pink, purple and blue that are certain to capture the attention of the entire garden grid. Cool comfort is a bonus feature of this lovely dress. It moves with the softest summer breezes to reveal the delicate Belgian lace underskirt. This, of course, was the perfect excuse for Kym to run to Hatpins for a new summer hat to match! (as if she really needs an excuse!) Reghan Straaf always has a super selection of vintage inspired hats which work beautifully with actual period dresses or as a special finishing touch to todays most modern ensembles. It was a challenge to decide, but the Lady Zarah seemed a perfect choice for a midnite stroll in the meadow.

Moonlight among the Foxgloves

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Savanna Dress – NEW! from L`Abel
Hair – Evi by Maitreya
Skin – Emma by Tuli
Hat – Lady Zarah by Hatpins
Poses – Glitterati

Country Chic: Summer Lace

L`Abel Enna (Preview!)

Yesterday was a big day on the Ivalde sim, the first part of the NEW summer Country Chic Collection from L`Abel was released. Neferia Abel has brought an attitude of style that is both flirty, feminine and way cool comfortable. She has brought a contemporary update of a classic look and feel to her L`Abel Summer collection using the coolest summer-weight cotton fabrics to include such wearable, lovable, fashionable, adorable, covetable and most comfortable pieces that i hardly know where to begin 🙂

We were struck at first by a few highlights of this collection right from the outset. Nef has used an absolutely dreamy collection of finely tatted lace fabrics as accent and focal points. This provides a connection to her vintage styles, but with a totally fresh and sassy perspective that is perfect for this season’s fashion trend of Boho Chic. Neferia’s colour palette is perfect to bring out the soft lines of these special pieces! We have been waiting so long for a collection that could offer so much in the way of soft pastels and distinctive bright florals, with a bonus of lace embellishment, to mix and match our to our attitude and style.

L`Abel Enna (Preview!)

The Enna in lavender is so perfectly Kymmie! Soft and crisp in pastel with fine lace accents, you will have the option of a full skirt which could be worn at the waist or babydoll style or the adorable tunic top for a more casual look with the bloomer style pants. Kym was able to, of course, find the perfect hat in the GoS floppy hat with colour change scarf she has turned to the lavender to match.

Country Chic - Jessica; NEW from L`Abel!

Sequoia is all in white, wearing the Jessica White Lace in the long skirt version. What wonderfully fine detailed work on the bodice and well along the waistline and hemline of the 100% lightweight cotton dress. This set is full of finely hand tatted lace overlay and fringe from the long skirt version, seen here, to the many other options including baby doll version and lace cuff bloomers version with a both a long and short tunic. Soft cool feminine sass! complete with a bit of “tude”, which was easy for Seq to manage with her additions of the G Field Short Western Boots and Western hat from Hatpins.Tosy Xue has just released the NEW Kaleidescope set from WTG, in various colours and metals, Seq is adorned in the long silver and beaded necklace with a filigree pendant, a perfect length for this summer look. The nails are also from WTG, called Magna Mater.

Style Cards

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Enna from NEW L`Abel 2011 summer Country Chic Collection Part 1
Shoes – GoS Espadrilles
Hat – Gos Floppy hat with Scarf
Skin – Emma by Tuli
Hair – Evi – by Maitreya

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Wearing – Jessica White Lace Set from NEW L`Abel 2011 summer Country Chic Collection Part 1
Boots – Short Western boots by G Field
Hat – Heather Western Hat – White from Hatpins
Skin – LAQ
Hair – Maryam by CaTwA
Jewelry&Nails – WTG Kaleidescope necklace and earrings & Magna Mater nails

The Birth of a New Reality

Meiling - le Garcon

We are very pleased to be sharing more extraordinary designs from the House of Meiling. This real life designer continues to send a shockwave through the SL fashion world from her Caribbean island home of Trinidad and Tobago. The texture, line and flow of Meiling’s SL designs are transmigrated from her real fabric sewn creations, creating a “New Reality” in SL fashion. A minimalist designer, Meiling has always made a point to emphasize that her designs are meant to “show the woman in the clothes, and not the clothes on the woman”. I think it is reasonable to say a new era in SL women’s fashion has begun.

Meiling - le Garcon

Comfortable and vogue is the Le Garcon outfit , a light creation of a soft flowing short dress which hints of a peasant blouse heritage. As the name suggests, there might be a wee touch of boyish influence, but the result is totally feminine. This outfit is made for the active avatar, the movement could not be more brilliant. While the Le Garcon outfit will definitely work in a very casual setting, we are happy to show, with a touch of glam styling you can effectively shift your eye-catching look to be perfectly suited to an evening event.

WTG - Nemesis Jewelry & Nails

Sequoia has opted for jewelry and nails from tosy Xue of WTG to bring that effect. We both were so excited to see tosy’s new Nemesis monthly gift set which includes not only his signature unique jewelry and nails, but a totally fresh look with the smashing bespectacled sun spectacles, some really cool jeweled sunglasses, with an awesomely fun animation that will have you pushing them to the top of your head or returning them to your nose to block the sun.

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Le Garcon – NEW from House of Meiling
Hair – UPP382 by booN
Jewelry & Nails – “Nemesis” NEW WTG Group Gift (earrings, bangles, nails and glasses!)
Shoes – Cassandra by SLink

Meiling - Lady Sings the Blues

Meiling’s “Lady Sings the Blues” dress really sets the stage for any performer or audience member. This little dress could easily be both casual or dressy and i found it totally comfortable in both stylings. And yes, this dress is really made from denim! A bit of surprise at first for KymSara until she slipped it on. “The softest denim i have ever found”, she said, and we both love the look of the matched sheer overskirt, a very innovative approach!

Meiling - Lady Sings the Blues (2)

The Nemisis set from WTG gets another look to show its versatility, and deservedly so! Kym was delighted to discover Kia Goodliffe is back with a fresh branding of her hair designs in the new Me.hair shop. The vivacious Keely had a lovely cascade of curls Kym thought just right with look!

Meiling - Lady Sings the Blues (Close)

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Lady Sings the Blues – NEW from House of Meiling
Hair – Keely from Me.hair
Skin – Tanya by Tuli
Shoes – Plastique by Kalnins
Jewelry & Nails – Nemesis by WTG
Poses – Body Talking

Office Wear Design Sublime

SF Design - Mimi Suit (Close)

Swaffette Firefly has done it again! The Mimi, the new release suit design from SF Designs, is not only a major style find in SL, but has raised my RL coveting to an exuberant level! The crisp lines, exquisite fabric texture and fine detailing are so clearly evident, but that is just the beginning of the story. This suit ensemble includes both a medium and long skirt, I chose the shorter of the two for the office, AND something very special — the collar and jacket peplum prim pieces each have two different size options included to minimize the typical “fit fussing” associated with such parts. YAY Swaffette!

Lunch in the City . . . hmmm

Time for a bit to eat i don my Roma, a Sophia Loren inspired hat from Couture Chapeau and i am easy to spot as i hail a cab to club for a light lunch. Chigadee London has captured the elegant style of the screen goddess that will give a panache to any look.

Swaffette really does so much to bring her SF Designs customers a wonderful one stop shopping experience and complete satisfaction, as if the thoughtfulness in assuring a perfect fit were not enough , she has also included matching heels and even a clutch purse to finish the look. The Mimi suit comes in three wonderful colors. I chose the charcoal which would also be my first RL pick. But, the blue and oatmeal colours have also found a spot in my business wardrobe and will definitely be seen in board meetings, special presentations and other to other important functions, especially with the versatility offered with the additional long skirt.

SF Design - Mimi Suit

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Mimi Suit – NEW from SF Designs
Hair – Lush by LeLutka
Skin – Emma by Tuli
Hat – Roma by Couture Chapeau
Poses – Body Talking

Vive la Separates!

Vive la separates!

There is much to tempt us in Neferia Abel’s latest releases from L`Abel and Ivalde over the past week. She continues to astonish us with her understanding of the line and style of contemporary as well as vintage design. Today i draw your attention to the new Winter L`Abel release. The dresses are just delightful and , as we have come to expect, Nef’s masterful texture handling lifts all of her designs to an even higher plane. This post however is all about SEPARATES! What a fun selection to choose from for mix and matching! I was immediately drawn to the Daija Cords, with their soft earth-tone colors. There is quite a variety of tops ranging from colorful knits to warm jackets and cardigans of all sorts to pair up. I picked the Toni top for the soft color match with my cords. Nef has long been encouraged to bring out a line of separates, and she has with marvelous results. She has certainly come through with the style and quality which are the hallmarks of the L`Abel label. Don’t take my word for it drop by L`Abel to see for yourself.~kym

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Toni Top and Daija Cords by L`Abel Couture
Hair – Bryar by Damselfly
Skin – Emma by Tuli
Jewelry – Mara Hoops by EarthStones
Shoes – Beebee Boots by SLink
Poses – Perfection is Style

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Emerald

52 Week Color Challenge - Emerald Eyes!

Is 6 weeks to the day away from the day we exclaim “Erin go Braugh”, so new designs which are Emerald, this weeks Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge , are still a little scarce. I thought i had the perfect match when i first saw the terrific little Taja knit dress in L`Abel’s latest release. However, in the studio light it seemed perhaps a bit more of a forest hue. What to do, what to do . . . . AHA, i have it . . .or rather i should say the “eyes” have it! I struck upon showcasing the Frog King Fairy Eyes from Poetic Eyes, which are an exquisite emerald match. Then joy of joys, i can still share my new favorite super comfortable (near-emerald) knit dress with you this week. The Taja is a modest dress with vintage texture and weave, yet very hip SITC sensibility, a dream of comfort and warmth. Only one of the many new designs at L`Abel Couture, found exclusively at Ivalde.

52 Week Color Challenge - Emerald

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Taja Dress by L`Abel
Hair – Sandy by Amacci
Skin – Emma by Tuli
Eyes – Frog King Fairy by Poetic Eyes
Jewelry – Sensual Heart from Aurora Borealis
Shoes – Pinup Pumps by Stiletto Moody
Poses – Perfection is Style

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Taupe

52 Week Color Challenge - Taupe (close)

Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge for this week was indeed a challenge. So maybe i should start with the accessories this week. Seq introduced me to WTG by tosy Xue this week, I am so enjoying discovering his jewelry designs, so much so that I selected the elegant choker set from his Papillon collection. The choice of hair was also easy adding the Dax from PurpleMoon fit perfectly to the flow. All of it became easy once i managed to settle on something Taupe. It seems that Taupe is definitely in the eye of the beholder! The posts to Luna this week have drawn quite a spectrum of tones. Even a quick search of my own inventory resulted in a myriad of reasonable variations of the grey-brown color. But, since nothing in there really inspired me, it was time once again to go exploring (clever euphemism for “SHOPPING!”)

52 Week Color Challenge - Taupe

Like most my expeditions (sic), lo and behold i found something perfect! Tres Beau’s Phe gown, designed from the sheerest of silk, creates the most delicate Taupe tones in even the softest light. And, it seems especially well suited for those special softly lit occasions! The deeper brownish tone of the patterned sheer panels of the skirt and soft cowl are accented with subtle grey hues of the opaque skirt panels creating a balance of form and curve throughout the true taupe swirl. The Boogie Nights strappy heels, from Norman Maroon of FM Shoes, are a super match to the contrasting pattern lines of the gown and look comfortable enough to keep you dancing all night long bathed in the soft glow radiating from your true loves face.~kym

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Phe Gown by Tres Beau
Hair – Dax by PurpleMoon
Skin – Tanya by Tuli
Jewelry – Papillon by WTG
Shoes – Boogie Nights by FM Shoes
Poses – Body Talking