The Birth of a New Reality

Meiling - le Garcon

We are very pleased to be sharing more extraordinary designs from the House of Meiling. This real life designer continues to send a shockwave through the SL fashion world from her Caribbean island home of Trinidad and Tobago. The texture, line and flow of Meiling’s SL designs are transmigrated from her real fabric sewn creations, creating a “New Reality” in SL fashion. A minimalist designer, Meiling has always made a point to emphasize that her designs are meant to “show the woman in the clothes, and not the clothes on the woman”. I think it is reasonable to say a new era in SL women’s fashion has begun.

Meiling - le Garcon

Comfortable and vogue is the Le Garcon outfit , a light creation of a soft flowing short dress which hints of a peasant blouse heritage. As the name suggests, there might be a wee touch of boyish influence, but the result is totally feminine. This outfit is made for the active avatar, the movement could not be more brilliant. While the Le Garcon outfit will definitely work in a very casual setting, we are happy to show, with a touch of glam styling you can effectively shift your eye-catching look to be perfectly suited to an evening event.

WTG - Nemesis Jewelry & Nails

Sequoia has opted for jewelry and nails from tosy Xue of WTG to bring that effect. We both were so excited to see tosy’s new Nemesis monthly gift set which includes not only his signature unique jewelry and nails, but a totally fresh look with the smashing bespectacled sun spectacles, some really cool jeweled sunglasses, with an awesomely fun animation that will have you pushing them to the top of your head or returning them to your nose to block the sun.

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Le Garcon – NEW from House of Meiling
Hair – UPP382 by booN
Jewelry & Nails – “Nemesis” NEW WTG Group Gift (earrings, bangles, nails and glasses!)
Shoes – Cassandra by SLink

Meiling - Lady Sings the Blues

Meiling’s “Lady Sings the Blues” dress really sets the stage for any performer or audience member. This little dress could easily be both casual or dressy and i found it totally comfortable in both stylings. And yes, this dress is really made from denim! A bit of surprise at first for KymSara until she slipped it on. “The softest denim i have ever found”, she said, and we both love the look of the matched sheer overskirt, a very innovative approach!

Meiling - Lady Sings the Blues (2)

The Nemisis set from WTG gets another look to show its versatility, and deservedly so! Kym was delighted to discover Kia Goodliffe is back with a fresh branding of her hair designs in the new shop. The vivacious Keely had a lovely cascade of curls Kym thought just right with look!

Meiling - Lady Sings the Blues (Close)

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Lady Sings the Blues – NEW from House of Meiling
Hair – Keely from
Skin – Tanya by Tuli
Shoes – Plastique by Kalnins
Jewelry & Nails – Nemesis by WTG
Poses – Body Talking

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