Model/Photographer: Sequoia Nightfire
Wearing : FINESMITH BUTTERFLY available in 8 amazing styles exclusively at FIERA SAVIAD Spring Fashion Fair



FIERA SAVIAD Spring Fashion Fair : *Solidea Folies* and h.m.a.e.m


*SoliDea FoliEs* Bloomings Spring dress Exclusive


Model/Photographer: Sequoia Nightfire
Wearing: *SoliDea FoliEs* Blooming Spring Exclusive only at FIERA SAVIAD Spring Fashion Fair
Headpiece: HATE ME AND EAT ME – h.m.a.e.m. Ophelia rose HEADPIECE only at FIERA SAVIAD Spring Fashion Fair

Non FSSFF items:
Jewelry: Eclectica Nouveau Rose Earrings, Ring, Necklace and Bracelet in Blush
Hair: [ 69 ] DIVA – Dark Noir
Nails: Nailed It OMBRE Set – Prim Nails – Long


FIERA SAVIAD Spring Fashion Fair : *Solidea Folies* EXCLUSIVE


*SoliDea FoliEs* FIERA dress Exclusive


Model/Photographer: Sequoia Nightfire
Wearing : *SoliDea FoliEs* Fiera dress Exclusive only at FIERA SAVIAD Spring Fashion Fair

Non FSSFF items:
Jewelry: Vintage Jewels – Lovis Dark & Pink Bracelet Limited Edition
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * CHEVIA*/black
Make-up: Glam Affair – Cleo – Africa SKIN MAKE-UP
& KISS ME LIPS [NEW] from Beautiful Deluxe
Nails: Nailed It BRIGHT Set – Prim Nails – Long


M as in Mentor, M as in Meiling !

Yay!!! Anya Won!!!! Anya who? won what?

Second Life fashion continues to grow in relevance, more imaginative minds are making their way to share their art and creative force and networking connections are made expanding real life markets. One such influence came from Team Anya, a SL group formed to support a contestant in Lifetime televisions 9th season of Project Runway and lo and behold if she didn’t go out and win!

A week ago, like so many other fashion followers, i was anxiously awaiting the outcome of Project Runway. This season was a bit more personal because of the Second Life connection to the winner, Anya Ayoung-Chee. Anya is from Trinidad & Tobago which is also home to Meiling confidante & SL designer Chigadee London of Couture Chapeau and real life designer Meiling Esau or as she is known in Second Life, Meiling Couturier. Her SL brand, Meiling Couture, was chosen by BOSL magazine as one of the top 5 designer houses in Second Life. Deservedly so! the SL designs are recreations of her real life collections. So… you ask what does that have to do with Anya winning? Well…Meiling has long been a part of Anya’s life long before she was accepted into Project Runway’s 9th Season. Anya described in her own words her relationship with Meiling in an interview with AfroBella.

Interview with Anya Ayoung-Chee of Project Runway, Season 9 | Afrobella

Meiling nurtured Anya’s ambition of being a designer long before Project Runway was a possibility, and she advises her on more than just fashion – Meiling offers expert counsel on life, love, and building a brand. When I told Anya that I think Meiling sees her as more than just a mentee, she agreed. “Meiling is like my mom. I remember sitting in her foyer in 2008 and telling her I wanted to have my own fashion line and she just said — let’s do it. There is no ego or competitiveness there and perhaps from others there would be. She has been supportive to the nth degree.”

A touch of fall in the breeze

To celebrate this momentous occasion over the next days we wanted to share some of Meiling’s most recent releases in Second Life directly inspired by her real life collection ‘Last Train to San Fernando’ beginning with one of the Meiling’s Mavens, KymSara Rayna, wearing Ode to Matura.

A touch of fall in the breeze


There is a reason why Meiling Esau is named as one of the top Caribbean designers, stands at the head of the local fashion scene in Trinidad and has made an impact outside of the region as well. There is a reason why this designer has lasted more than four decades in the fashion industry, where so many others try to find their footing and either fail or give up. There is a reason why a Meiling fashion show can fill a space to capacity, all for the sake of watching 40-50 outfits walk the runway.

It is seven months into the year of 2011, and Meiling has already shown two full collections – her Macafouchette Carnival collection as well as this current collection entitled ‘Last Train to San Fernando’; she has shown a selection of pieces at San Fernando Fashion Week 2011, stolen the limelight at Caribbean Fashion Week 2011 in Jamaica just last month, and this is before we even begin to list her separate projects working with soca queen Fay Ann Lyons and her annual collaborations with Rapso group 3Canal. No other Caribbean designer works harder, smarter or more consistently than Meiling Esau.– Darcel de Vlugt, Editor-in-Chief of CFstyle

A touch of fall in the breeze

A better case could never be made for having art imitate life!
Experience the designs of Meiling for yourself at Meiling Couture

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Ode to Matura by Meiling Couture
Hair – Caitrin by Exile
Skin – Alva by LAQ
Jewelry – Audrey Earrings by +Aurora Borealis+
Shoes -Thick heel Pumps by Lindy Modern and Retro Shoes
Poses – Glitterati
On Location lighting by LumiPro

L`Abel “Everything 75% Off Store Closing !!!”

an evening at the old Forrest Theater
Photo courtesy of KymSara Rayna

The exquisitely designed and fashion forward looks of L`Abel by Neferia Abel will soon be gone from Second Life forever and now is the time to gather all of the exceptional tailored and textured ready to wear items for a song! Separates priced as low as 10 lindens and nothing more than 99, including her most fantastic gowns or seasonal ensembles!

Mimmi Boa wears  l'abel "Oline"
Photo courtesy of Mimmi Boa

Nef wants to be certain every fashion conscious woman of style is able to get these beautiful outfits, which she hand drew to give such rich realistic texture and depth. Everything in the store at L`Abel is 75% off what were originally very affordable prices.

MFW 2011 L'Abel
Photo courtesy of July Raymaker

Our very dear friend has for such a long time been trying to accomplish the superhuman task of maintaining two brands, one her exciting vintage collections at Ivalde and the other her contemporary fashion forward designs at L`Abel. She has decided after much heartfelt thought that it was time to make a choice and let go of L`Abel. Which although sad is a good thing for the bargain seekers, and oh my is it ever!

L'Abel ~Summer Collection ~Farmgirl
Photo courtesy of ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat

Come take a look at all the L`Abel designs and you will surely leave with several overflowing shopping bags to complete your wardrobe for any season!
Scene at the Museum
Photo courtesy of Sequoia Nightfire

You can find all of these sensational looks at L`Abel

Peachtree Southern Style

MW 1930s Styling Challenge - KymSara Rayna

Model’s Workshop is a wonderful gift to Second Life Fashion, an organization that promotes continuing education of models and photographers and a forum for the exchange of ideas. I have attended a few of the Photography workshops over time and enjoy the Monday evening chats sis coordinates. I had not necessarily considered and maybe I should more often, joining the Model’s Worshop Styling Challenge held on Wednesday evenings.

When I saw the announcement that the weekly challenge was a 1930’s theme, Neferia Abel’s latest release from Ivalde immediately came to mind. The Elvira Gown has such a refined gentility and I thought it might be a nice excursion into sharing something I have become quite familiar with styling. I was both honored and amazed at the end of the evening when the voting was concluded, that I won the styling challenge! It is always a treat to share Neferia’s designs.

Being from the south, I grew up to the stories of the well mannered and fashionable southern society. As I prepared, I was paused to ponder the many period photos I had seen of the ladies of Atlanta lined up in their fashionable post antebellum southern style along Peachtree and Forsyth Streets, anxiously awaiting the premiere of Gone with the Wind at Loew’s Grand Theater. That was 1939 and knew the Elvira Gown would suit the definitive look I had in mind.

As I explained to the Model’s Workshop audience, during the 30’s ladies from the south were letting their hair flow while “y’all up nawth were lopping it off” into finger curls. We also were still so very fond of our millinery, a woman of refinement would not be caught dead without a suitable hat for the occasion. However lovely we looked, there were the occasional gusty days no hatpin was large enough to keep our hats from also being “gone with the wind”.

MW 1930s Styling Challenge - KymSara Rayna(Close)

I just had to include the Emma hat, which matched both the era and my vision for the ladies of Atlanta 1930’s outfit and went extremely well with the flowing curls of the Bettie hairdo from Analog Dog. Sadly this particular piece of fine millinery from Elegance Hats is no longer available in Second Life. The good news is that one of the fine makers of vintage shoes, Enkythings, continues to offer a myriad of designs. The Sulaco open toe style shoes are a perfect depression era look and the Clara Pearl set in Golden picked up at +Aurora Borealis+ completed the ensemble beautifully. Thank you to all who attended and voted this ensemble the best styled of the evening. Y’all come back now ya hear!

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing Elvira Gown by Ivalde
Jewelry – Clara Pearls by +Aurora Borealis+
Hat – Emma by Elegance Hats (Designer left SL – no longer available)
Shoes – Sulaco by Enkythings
Hair – Bettie from Analog Dog
Skin – Nellie by LAQ
Poses by Diesel Works
Nails – Je Suis

For more information on the Model’s Workshop visit: